Edited Books

Edited Books

The Heiress, author JJ Kimmorist

Buried Memories, author Kimberley Shead

Ride the Dark Rails, author R.C. Hebert

The Voyeur, author Kimberley Shead

Trials for the Haunted, author JJ. Kimmorist

Liminal, author Naomi Schulman

Short Stories: Bed of Penitance, A Loyal Man, The Tale of the Key of Darkness, The Cabin, Lone Wolf, The Tale of the Storm Queen, A Ghost Rock Opera, The Twilight Hour, Together Forever, Sweet Lily, The Bed of Penitence, The Felling, The Mists of Gaulion, What the Devilkin Spake to the Ocean, The Owl, The Felling, Uncommon Senses, Shadows that Hunt, A Loyal Man, The Tale of the Key of Darkness

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