Kyle's Kolors

Kyle's Kolors

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Unseen forces awaken when love and destiny collide.

In the heart of the forest, Kyle, a werewolf, crosses paths with a woman who has hidden magical gifts. Living in the forest, the Glen, and his parents’ cottage, Kyle has always been a protector of the woods, keeping his family and those in the Glen safe. So, when he finds a woman camping alone, he’s curious about her arrival. Not only that, but he suspects she’s his mate and can’t bring himself to stay away from her.

Unaware of her latent powers and the pivotal role she plays in a dangerous plot, Auralia receives a silver dagger from her co-worker. This innocent acceptance sets in motion a chilling plan to resurrect the defunct sect: Disciples of the Silver Dagger. Suddenly, the lives of all in the Glen hang in the balance. As Kyle and Auralia grow closer, they must face their insecurities, fight for their survival, and save his family.

Will Kyle and Auralia prevail, or will the Glen succumb to the resurrected sect?


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