Safe & Alive Survival Story, Book One

Safe & Alive Survival Story, Book One

BUY NOW: In a world where the dead roam, it’s the living who are dangerous.

Brielle, Zola, and Shreya; three military women fight their way out of a neighborhood overrun by the dead only to discover it may have been the safest place to stay. Trained to survive any situation, nothing prepared them for a society where the dead come back to life.

Ilaria; a woman on her own loses all hope of finding anyone to help her, until she finds three others who share her determination to live, and quickly makes herself a valued member of the group.

Zayden, Tristan, Malrick, and Jai; four men, encountering danger and betrayal, search for those they can trust. When they cross paths with four women who can fight by their side, they believe they’ve found their allies.

Can these two groups of survivors learn to trust each other and defeat this new reality, or will they become its victims?


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