Write On! 9-15-23

Write On! 9-15-23

Posted on 9-15-23

As well (as), Also, and Too

Using As Well, Also, and Too; means to give more information about something.

‘As well’ is not a synonym for ‘and.’ If you can use ‘and’ in your sentence, do it.

‘As well as’ – does not make subjects plural. The verb must agree with the noun.

‘Also’ can be used to emphasize a point or topic.

‘Too’ is often a good substitute for ‘as well.’

‘As well’ and ‘as well as,’ are usually an addition to something.

For Example:

“The man bought the slacks, as well as the matching shirt.”

“The man bought the slacks, and the matching shirt as well.”


“The man bought the slacks. He also bought the matching shirt.”

“Not only did the man buy the slacks, but also the matching shirt.”

**Do not put ‘also’ at the end of a clause. (Guilty as charged.)

‘Also’ is a word commonly used in writing, but less so in speaking. ‘Also’ is placed in different positions within sentence structures. This word is most commonly used to emphasize something.

“The day is cold. Also, you might freeze.”


“The man bought the slacks. He bought the matching shirt, too.”

‘Too’ is usually at the end of the sentence. ‘Too’ should not start a sentence.

Sometimes, ‘too’ can be in the middle of a sentence.

“Alice, too, felt ill.”

“I believed I, too, was ill.”

‘Too’ is usually an agreement with what is going on.

I’m guilty of trying to sound English savvy and mis-using these. How about you?

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to…

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