Wrtite On! 8-31-23

Wrtite On! 8-31-23

Posted on 8-31-23

One or two words?

Have you ever written a word that you know, and then someone mentions how you may have misspelled it?

Have you ever gotten stuck on whether a word is one or two words?

Even those words you know are correct and then you come across these…

Incorrect: Correct:

Lunch time : Lunchtime

Alright : All right

Seatbelt : Seat belt

Web master : Webmaster

Web site : Website

Back links : Backlinks

A lot : A lot

Can not : Cannot

Cellphone : Cell phone

Cyber security : Cybersecurity

Home school : Homeschool

Lifecycle : Life cycle

Night time : Nighttime

Skillset : Skill set

Smart phone : Smartphone

Trashcan : Trash can

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