Shalia's Spirit

Shalia's Spirit


The Elf Lands are supposed to be peaceful.

Shalia's life as Nobility is far from difficult, even if she is half-human. But with this title comes responsibility and a betrothal to one she does not love. Chafing at what is expected and loving another, she is torn between doing the right thing and following her heart. But trouble brews and threatens everything she knows. And when these new foes arrive, they prove stronger than realized. Soon, Shalia finds herself in servitude to a Noble Dark Fae, and the one she loves is nowhere to be found. As she tries to figure out a way to escape this new fate, she is charged with a crime she did not commit. Stuck in the dungeons, unable to escape on her own, an opportunity comes from a new Queen who requires only a pledge in exchange for her freedom. And when her oath is fulfilled, she leaves to search for the one she loves. The task she faces now challenges everything she believes in and changes her life forever. Can Shalia save herself, the one she loves, and return to the Elf Lands?

Join Shalia in her quest to rescue the one she loves and reconnect with the exciting characters from the Katie's Journey series!

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