A Magic Touch

A Magic Touch

BUY NOW A Chinese legend, a sword and ring, and a demon who wants both!

Getting stalked by a demon isn’t what Song expected when she finds an ancient sword in auctioned off crate. As a teacher in martial arts, she can’t help but to practice a few exercises with it. But once she does, visions of the past slam into her head, revealing a goddess, two unlikely heroes, and a demon bent on destroying the earth. Shaken, and unsure of what she’s seen, things are further complicated when that demon stalks her.

Shen is a well-respected restaurant owner who has many secrets hidden under his eccentric Tang suit. Magic is something he is and something he knows much about, so when he is drawn to a pawnshop and discovers a ring, he buys it immediately. But when he slips it on and sees visions, he realizes there’s more to this purchase than he first thought. And when the demon comes after him, he discovers that only when the objects are united can it be sent back to where it came from. Now he must find the sword, the woman who holds it, and fight off the demon who wants both.

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