A Werewolf's Kiss

 A Werewolf's Kiss


One simple kiss leads to a fight for their lives!

Elayna works a dead-end job going nowhere. Barely scraping by, kicking out her loser boyfriend, and just making rent is compounded when her creepy boss takes an interest in her and decides to pursue her. To make matters worse, she witnessed a man die in the back alley while taking out the trash. But the icing on the cake is when she finds herself kissing a stranger in the same back alley. How is this okay? Now she must fend off her boss, dodge her Ex, and stop thinking about the sexy man she locked lips with! But running isn't all it's cracked up to be, and when the borrowed car dies, she ends up in a home with two who have secrets of their own.   

Icilio is called by his frail uncle to help with a little problem. In return, his uncle will receive something that will cure him, thrusting them into a world hidden from most. But what was supposed to be a simple clean-up job, turns into something more when a beautiful blonde witnesses the death, throwing Icilio's organized world into chaos. And when she vanishes, he hunts her down finding that not only does his uncle's world exist, but so does another—and this world is closing in fast. Is a simple kiss in the alley enough to defeat it, or will they have to join it?

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