A Werewolf's Courage

A Werewolf's Courage


The underlay of secrets can lead to an unraveled life!

Brad’s existence in his pack is barely stitched together. It’s not easy being the low man on the totem pole and made more so by those who wish to see him fail. But Brad hides a huge secret; one he keeps under wraps because he doesn’t have the confidence he needs to embrace it. However, in a moment of acting out, the seams of his life pull apart, and even backstitching can’t hold it together. Despondent and ragged, he stumbles across two people who change his life and allow him the chance he needs to succeed. Bolstered by his newfound courage, he finally creates the life he wants. But his past isn’t far behind him, and his former pack is failing, bringing him back to right the wrongs.

Can Brad find the strength he needs to stay true to himself?

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A Werewolf's Courage 

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