A Vampire's Love

A Vampire's Love


A human, a vampire, and a contract year in the making.

Abused by men in the past, Marina is angry that a deal struck three years ago is still valid. Worse, she had no choice in the matter and feels she shouldn't be a part of it now. When she runs, she doesn't get far before she is caught and brought back to face marriage to a man who is more than he's led others to believe. In the first week of marriage, Marina realizes the man she married differs from any man she has ever known. If she is brave enough to pursue it, she has the chance to create a new life.

To keep from losing everything he'd worked so hard for, Blake made a deal. One stipulation, added by two who wished to see him fail, was marriage. But since he had a hundred years to fulfill the contract, it did not concern him. However, time advanced, the contract was coming due, and his intended bride's disappearance put a kink in his well-laid plans. Finding her and marrying her was the easy part. Tearing down the walls and showing her that he was nothing like the ones who hurt her was the challenge. With hearts at stake, will love to prevail?

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