Katie's Kollege

Katie's Kollege


A Sorcerer's Academy in the Bermuda Triangle?

When a woman appears through the archway claiming to be Arabella's sister, Katie is shocked, to say the least. Great Grans never said anything about a sister! But when the woman tells her there's a Sorcerer's Academy located in the Bermuda Triangle, and she is invited, the offer is too good to refuse. Besides, Katie is new at this Sorcerer thing, and any pointers she can get are welcome. Excited about this chance, Katie leaves everyone she loves to venture into this new opportunity.

However, when she arrives, nothing is as it appears, and she discovers a Dark plan set in place to destroy the Academy and her Glen. As Katie travels the stone halls, she learns more about her powers, meets new friends, and teachers who are not who they say they are. As the truth of what is seen and what is begins melding together, Katie must now fight for her Glen, her new friends, and her own life. Will Katie master her new skills, keep her friends safe, and defeat the ones who wish to destroy her and all she holds dear? 

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