Katie's Kottage

Katie's Kottage


A cozy cottage in the forest should be peaceful, right?

When Katie buys a secluded cottage in the forest, hours away from the nearest town, she thinks she can finally relax and recuperate from her hectic year. But the forest isn't as quiet as she first thinks it is. First, she meets her two hot neighbors who are not as human as they first appear. Then she discovers a lost family member who is also something different. And as if her life hasn't been upended enough, she finds a spellbook that belongs to a handsome Dark Fae who wants it back, even if it means kidnapping her. 

Suddenly what was supposed to be cathartic turns chaotic. And when he brings her to a magical Glen in the Forest, Katie realizes there is much more going on here than she first realized. But as her friends come to rescue her, she makes a promise to the Dark Fae to save their lives instead and he intends to make her keep that oath. Can Katie save her friends, the forest, and herself? 

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