Katie's Kourt

Katie's Kourt


The Dark Fae Court calls to its new Queen.

Katie thinks she can settle down and enjoy her newly remodeled cottage, as she works on finding her place in the forest and Glen. Her relationships with the two men in her life heat up, and just when she thinks things are settling down and her life is getting into some semblance of order, her Ex shows up. But when he takes something that doesn't belong to him, she's thrust into a complicated alliance, and she's the key, stuck in the middle of it. When one of the men she loves gets kidnapped by a coven of vampires, her life is thrust into chaos once again.

To make matters worse, three Dark Fae Kings show up and demand she takes her place as Queen, trying to coerce her into it. She then realizes there is so much more going on in these Dark Fae lands than she first realized. With a small group of her newly acquired Dark Fae clan, she ventures into the Dark Fae lands to scope out Unseelie Court and find her place. But not all is what it first appears to be. Can Katie keep her friends safe, defeat the coven, and maneuver her way through the Dark Fae lands as Queen without harm?

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