Katie's Kollusion

Katie's Kollusion

BUY NOW: Being a sorceress should be easy, right?

Balancing her newfound powers with her royal duties, Katie feels she finally has what it takes to protect her Glen. But just when it seems she has everything under control, she receives a sinister challenge that threatens to derail everything she has built in the Glen and destroy everyone she loves.

Blaming Katie for the loss of her loved one, a Dark Elf gives Katie one week to arrive in the Bermuda Triangle, to the arena where the battle will take place. And if Katie doesn’t show, this Dark Elf will rain destruction on her and everything she holds dear.

Reeling from the threat, Katie is further off-balance when unforeseen circumstances tear apart her support system. She must now rally a small group of untested warriors to help her fight this new adversary. Can Katie find the inner strength she needs to defeat the one who threatens those she loves, her Glen, and her very life?

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