Katie's Kourage

Katie's Kourage

BUY NOW: Juggling duties as a Queen and a wife isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Katie tries to settle in as a newlywed on top of her complex duties as a Queen, Sorceress, and Overlord Wizard. But while she tries to manage her new life, the Unseelie Court announces they must select a new ruler for the Ocean Dark Fae. But nothing is easy at Court and when two candidates turn up dead and one goes missing, it’s up to Katie to investigate what is going on.

With the help from those she holds dear, she embarks on a mission to find the missing candidate and solve a murder. Throw in a coven of rogue vampires, an evil plot to take over the Court, and Katie finds herself thrust into the middle of something that started when she defeated the King of the Ocean Dark Fae. Can Katie balance being a wife, her queenly duties, protecting all she holds dear and secure the Dark Fae Court?

Don’t miss the final book of the Katie’s Journey Series!

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